Ramme Lomborg Idrætsforening


Ramme – Lomborg Idrætsforening (RLIF) is a sports association for both children and adults, with have activities all year round.

RLIF’s football department operates together with Klinkby ball club and goes under the name Ramme – Lomborg – Klinkby (RLK). Outdoor football is played in the summer months, both in Ramme and Klinkby.

During the winter months there is indoor football, handball, badminton and gymnastics, for both children and adults, in Ramme Hall. The association also makes use of the facilites at the gymnastics and sports boarding school in Lomborg (Lomborg Gymnastik- og Idrætsefterskole) for badminton and gymnastics.

There is also a weekly after school club for 6-9 year olds in the hall during the winter months, which we call Club Ramme. The kids can socialise, do creative activities, play sports in the hall and hang out.

RLIF hosts several social events during the year, including football tournaments, gymnastics display and an active Christmas party before the holidays.

Please feel free to contact us with questions or suggestions:


RLIF Chairman: 
Arne B. Poulsen               20 46 60 44
Handball Chairman:
Anders Jepsen                       20 52 56 89
Football Chairman:
Lars Kirkeby                     22 26 67 05
Badminton Chairman:
Kirsten Sandholm                29 78 37 23
Club Ramme Chairman: 
Gerben Hoornenborg     21 69 49 27
Gymnastics Chairman:
Nikoline S. Mikkelsen          26 19 44 72